September Newsletter


Dear Malibu Family,

We intended this summer to be the best Summer… and given the feedback, IT WAS! We have helped nearly 300 kids and adults this summer!

Our Community continues to persevere and we are grateful that we could be part of that resilient rebuild. From Wellness programs, to financial consultancy and housing solutions, we’re here to listen to you and your needs.

As Autumn & the fire season begins, we are creating some new ways to be of service to you.

With Love,
Evelin Weber



LA County will no longer charge fire victims for water system improvement fees that are typical in a rebuild.


Malibu Foundation is so proud of achieving this win for the foundation and a $2.2 Million windfall for homeowners! This will save people $5,000+ towards a rebuild.

We want to give a big thanks to Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and Director of Public Works Mark Pestrella for their support.

Malibou Lake Boat debris successfully removed!

California Govern’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has removed boats and boat debris from Malibu Lake, an endeavor costing nearly $300k. This is another big win for Malibu Foundation! The boats posed both a safety hazard as well as an environmental hazard as their materials and batteries would eventually degrade and harm the watershed.


Big thanks to our board member, Susan Jordan, for bringing State Controller Betty Yee and subsequently Cal OES to Malibou Lake. Thank you Senator Henry Stern and Assembly member Bloom’s office for taking the time to visit Malibou Lake as well. And finally, thank you to Shannon Ggem of Malibou Lake for hosting the lake tours and helping this project come to fruition for the benefit of the community and the environment.

support group for fire-affected

Our community support group run by Roots & Wings has been incredibly popular and successful. We have supported nearly 20 people for nearly 2 months.

Our group support’s therapist had this to say:

“The group process and community building is particularly potent and therapeutic for these clients. Clearly some are experiencing disaster fatigue from friends and agencies, and the sense that this should all be over and behind them by now, and of course, it is far from that. They need this and will continue to need this emotional processing and group support.

Ali Sabet — Resident artist

We are proud to announce Ali Sabet, as our resident artist. Ali is an incredibly talented and accomplished artist and branding consultant. Check out our website to see some of Ali’s work.



Our surf camp supported nearly 160 kids during our month long summer camp in July. Mighty Under Dogs were able to really bring levity, confidence to our fire-affected kids. To this day, families continue to tell us the level of impact the camp has provided for them! Whether they had existing issues that were exacerbated by the fires, or have had just had a rough year because of the fire, it was great to see everyone come together over an activity that really speaks to the soul of Malibu. Our kids had the opportunity to make new friends, learn how to surf, learn about water safety with lifeguards, and learn about fire safety with fireman Steven Moak.

“It’s so great that they’re doing this [therapeutic surf camp]. There aren’t that many choices for kids who are on the spectrum, and when I saw this I...I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it’s a God-send. Honestly, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to our summer.” -Mom of a Camper

Animal Therapy Camp

Big Heart Ranch had a successful 2 week program hosting a total of 20 fire-affected kids. These kids had the opportunity to therapeutically connect with animals. We are very excited to be working with the ranch to rebuild their facilities that were damaged or destroyed in the Woolsey fire so that their equine and animal therapy programming can continue to help people thrive.

Register to volunteer on our events page!




This summer we started a program to give kids the opportunity to work with instructors at the Young Actors Project and collaborate on an idea for a short film and shoot and edit it. Each student had the opportunity to work in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Kids gather different ideas and decide to create a suspense movie. The kids had the opportunity to direct, and create all the dialogues and deciding the venues where to shoot the movie.

Youth Advocacy Program


Malibu Foundation and Rock your World worked together during the summer to provide the Malibu youth with different advocacy resources. Carolyn Merrel of Instagram with spoke to the kids about the different tools that this platform can do for them to raise their voice.

Click here to watch their Climate change video!

United Harmony


Malibu Foundation is happy to announce that we helped 20 kids to attend Camp Harmony. Children from lower income families enjoy a five night camping experience in the summer with the opportunity to break from the tension of their daily lives. We have supported this program by helping to rebuild their destroyed facilities and recoup their lost supplies. We were eager to help support campers so they can benefit from this incredible program.

1:1 Financial Consulting

We provided about 40 people financial consulting during the month of July, Malibu Foundation started a FREE workshop for one-on-one consulting aimed at addressing challenges presented by the rebuilding process. Our goal is to provide people with assistance in deciding how they should move forward. People don’t know if they should rebuild, they don’t know the scope of their rebuild, or if they should not rebuild. It’s difficult to navigate and we want to do what we can to help. If you’re in this situation, we hope to offer more sessions in the future.

Last day for free registration is on Tuesday, September 3rd!

Youth Ambassador Spotlight


August Green Wave Spotlight: Jaden Mitchell

Meet one of our members of the Malibu Green Wave: Jaden Mitchell cares a lot about the planet, the animals, and his community. He loves to help people feel better and make an impact on their lives.

As a volunteer surf instructor, he was a huge part of our summer surf camp. One of his goals in life is to raise awareness and to end plastic pollution in the ocean.

Jaden was also a big part of the movement to get a skatepark in Malibu. He took a stand at the city council to ask for their support. He cares about this community and the people that surround him.

We are so proud to have worked with Jaden on the Woolsey recovery.